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Celebrating Holidays


Celebrating Holidays on the Ketogenic Diet

Holidays and special occasions often include food and treats. When on a ketogenic diet, it can be tricky to partake in the celebration while staying on diet. We've compiled some tips and resources to help you to ensure your little one has a happy and healthy holiday.

If your child's school is celebrating an upcoming holiday, be sure to remind your child's teacher(s) of food restrictions. If there is a class party and candy will be involved, you may want to send some keto-friendly treats for your child to enjoy. We've provided some recipe ideas below. You might also consider sending non-food treats like holiday-themed stickers, pencils, temporary tattoos, etc. Another idea is to make the day special with activities not involving food, such as holiday-themed crafts and activities.

We often incorporate chocolates and candy gifts into family holidays, such as with Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, or Valentines, but non-food gifts can also be special. A CD, book, game, or even small vase of flowers can make great gifts!


We know how important birthday cakes are for both children and parents. Here at Nutricia, birthday cakes are very important to us too, which is why we strive to come up with tasty cake recipes to accommodate very special diets. Our KetoCal Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Frosting is a birthday favorite! We think that everybody deserves a delicious cake on their birthday, so we are happy to provide a free can of KetoCal to make this recipe for your keto kid's birthday celebration. To request a free can for your child's upcoming birthday, ask your health care provider to fill out a Sample Request and Consent Form. We'll ship a can straight to your home! For more information, contact us at 1-800-365-7354, Option 2 or email

Another way to make your child's birthday special is with crafts and activities, such as these: