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How can I request samples of KetoCal?

Samples may be obtained through a health care professional only. If you would like to receive samples of KetoCal, contact your health care provider. Health care providers may have samples available. If not, they may fax a Sample Authorization & Consent Form to us and we will send a sample directly to you. This form also provides consent to order KetoCal from Nutricia North America for 1 year.

Where can patients purchase KetoCal?

KetoCal may be purchased directly from Nutricia North America or through any pharmacy, distributer, home care company, or medical supply company. If a supplier does not have KetoCal in stock, they should be able to locate it from their wholesaler using the product reimbursement code..

Ordering through Pharmacy, Distributor, Home Health or Medical Supply Companies:

Private insurance and government-funded health care often cover KetoCal for tube-fed patients. KetoCal is sometimes covered for oral-fed patients as well, especially if it is being used as the sole or main source of nutrition. In these cases, KetoCal is typically obtained through a pharmacy, distributer, home health company, or medical supply company that works with the patient's health care plan. Nutricia North America does not work directly with insurance, WIC or Medicaid. Occasionally families order from us up front, and then submit reimbursement claims to their insurance company, but preauthorization from the insurance company is usually required.

If your family is using a supplier for other feeding supplies or medical goods, or if there is a certain supplier you typically work with, it is best to start there. If you are having difficulty locating a supplier for KetoCal, please contact our Nutrition Services department at 1-800-365-7354, Option 2.

For more information on reimbursement and coverage for KetoCal, visit the reimbursement section of the KetoCal website.

Ordering from Nutricia North America:

KetoCal can be purchased directly from Nutricia North America by calling Customer Services at 1-800-365-7354, Option 1.

Health Care Provider Consent:

KetoCal should only be used under medical supervision. In order for patients and families to purchase KetoCal directly from us, we require a consent form from the supervising health care provider. Health care providers should fax completed Consent Forms to our Customer Services department. The consent form is valid for one year after submission.