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KetoCal Recipes


Delicious KetoCal Recipes

We offer a wide variety of recipes for different types of Ketogenic diets using KetoCal! Choose your prescribed ketogenic diet: Classical or Modified Atkins.

KetoCal Adds:

  • Variety and texture to recipes making the diet more palatable

  • Supplemental nutrients offering more nutrient dense meals

  • Child friendly options such as pizza, sandwich wraps, and smoothies


IMPORTANT: Please consult with your health care professional to determine if these recipes are appropriate for your prescribed medical nutrition therapy. Your health care provider may need to adjust the recipes to make them work for your child's specific ratio and calorie requirements.


General Tips for Cooking with KetoCal:

  • Gather several small bowls or containers for separating ingredients.

  • Separate all ingredients before preparing recipe.

  • Use a rubber or silicone spatula to fully clean each container.

  • Recipes with KetoCal will cook or bake faster than regular recipes.

  • You may need to adjust the baking time to prevent over-cooking.

  • When baking, use silicone liners or bakeware. This helps prevent the food from sticking and also helps to keep the fat from seeping away from the product. Allow foods to cool before removing them. Avoid using paper liners as they will absorb the fat.

  • You may also divide the prepared recipes to use as snacks or partial meals.

  • Recipes may be batched to save time.

  • 36% Cream = Heavy whipping cream.

  • You will find some of our recipes conveniently offer both instructions for using KetoCal 4:1 and KetoCal 3:1.