KetoCal is a medical food for the dietary management of intractive epilespy and is intended for use under medical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if KetoCal is right for you.

The medical ketogenic diet offers hope for seizure reduction.

KetoCal helps make it possible.


The medical ketogenic diet offers hope for seizure reduction.

KetoCal helps make it possible.

Break the cycle with the medical ketogenic diet.

Dont let living with intractable epilespy leave you feeling helpless - especially when you've tried multiple anti-seizure medications, and nothing has worked.Break the cycle of failed medications with the medical ketogenic diet.

Over Half
of the individuals will have at least
seizure improvement1-4

1 in 3
will have at least
seizure improvement1-4

will become seizure free1-4

Take Control with KetoCal
The medical ketogenic diet may seem complex and demanding. That’s why people rely on KetoCal. It’s a powdered or ready-to-drink formula that is nutritionally complete to help make following the medical ketogenic diet easier.

Fewer Seizures. More Living.

When the medical ketogenic diet is successful in managing seizures, the benefits go beyond seizure reduction.

Greater quality of life through fewer seizures5-12

Improved behaviour13

Improved sleep14

Fewer ER visits and hospitilizations15,16

More science behind us,
more confidence for you

KetoCal is the most researched, reviewed and published formula designed for the medical ketogenic diet.

Backed by more than 30 medical publications.

Clinically substained to help reduce seizures5-10

Clinically substantiazed as safe and well tolerated, with minimal side effects*5-10,17,18

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See how KetoCal is changing lives

"Our neurologist suggested trying the ready-to-feed KetoCal" 4:1 LQ Vanilla. It was life changing! It's easy for 'on-the-go' and for the past five years, it's been Coco's primary feeding source.

- Shelly, Coco's mom
"Adding KetoCal" to Nathan's diet has been wonderful, just because he loves the taste.

- Amy, Nathan's mom

"Don't let anyone tell you the ketogenic diet for epilespy is too hard".

- Hailey, adult KetoCal user

Get Started!

The medical ketogenic diet should be started in partnership with a ketogenic dietation and used under medical supervision.

Talk to your neurologist and other members of your healthcare team about breaking the cycle of failed anti-seizure medications and starting the medical ketogenic diet.

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